via IO9: On Agents Of SHIELD, Revenge Is A Dish That Only Tastes Good To Psychos

IO9 has a nice spoiler filled review of last night’s Agents of SHIELD episode. We had to DVR last week’s episode and didn’t get to watch it until last night. So we got to watch both episodes as a sort of 2-part movie.

The Ward brothers have a chat (via

The Ward brothers have a chat (via

I agree with IO9 that the episodes this season are far superior to season 1. The story arcs are better. Ward’s creep factor is off the charts. Kyle MacLachlan is a delightful combination of psycho and funny. (Why doesn’t this guy get more work?) And, Director Coulson is hitting his stride again. (“You want pain? Come and get some.”) Awesome.

Anyway, if you’re all caught up on Agents of SHIELD, read the IO9 recap and make sure to read the very lengthy analysis by commenter “Cool Breeze.” It’s a nice pick apart of details and possible tie-ins to Avengers 2. (Anyone else notice Ward’s name drop of “Strucker?”) And, I agree with Cool Breeze: I’m not convinced that Simmons isn’t brainwashed. I think she may turn out to be “happy to comply.”

And, I don’t trust Bobbi either.

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