What Is CO?

Charmingly Obnoxious is a place where we are what it says: obnoxious but we try to be charming about it. It’s that simple.

Inspired by our heroes like Boing Boing, Geekdad, Wired, Wil Wheaton Dot Net and others, you’ll find here a mix of nerd culture, gaming, sci fi/fantasy, history, politics, music, tech and whatever else is on our minds.

We hope you’ll learn something new from us or just have some fun! We don’t expect everyone to agree with our opinions and that’s GOOD! A diversity of opinion is healthy for a society. We encourage lively discussions, but, we do expect comments to be respectful of other people. (Good: “I see your point, but here’s why I disagree…” Bad: “You’re a stupid conservative/liberal/feminist/misogynist/Trekkie/LARPer/whatever…”)

Look around, let us know what you think. And, it’s ok to be obnoxious… Just remember to be Charmingly Obnoxious!