Uncharted 4 wallpaper via Forbes.com

Nathan Drake Will Make Me Get a PS4

I like to play a few video games. I’m not terribly good at console games what with being almost a half century old and a little thing called Cerebral Palsy, but I like to play anyway. Online shooters are almost an utter waste of time for me. There’s no way I can compete. My son could waste me in most games by the time he hit 6 or 7. So, I do mostly solo or co-op games where either ridiculous dexterity is not needed or the difficulty can be dialed down. If it’s an adventure game, I love good stories and cinematics. The best series for fun, story, acting, and visuals I’ve ever played is the Uncharted series.

Three years ago, I bought a PS3 just so I could play DC Universe Online and Uncharted 2. After a few hours of playing treasure hunter Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2, DCUO was pretty much forgotten. If you’ve never played, Drake is a modern day cross between Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, although a bit more violent at times than either of them. Developers Naughty Dog have created a series of games with wonderful characters and dialog, beautiful locations, and awesome action but easily accessible to even casual thumb stick jockeys. I was totally sucked in to Uncharted 2 and immediately bought its predecessor upon completion. A year later, Uncharted 3 came out and I tore through it as well. At the end of “U3,” the character of Drake was going to settle down and quit trying to get himself killed chasing his fortune. And Naughty Dog said they were done making Uncharted games as well so they could work on other things. There has been persistent talk of an Uncharted movie with Matt Damon attached, although fanboys really want Nathan Fillion instead or the real Drake voice actor, Nolan North. But, to date, nothing has come of the movie rumors. I figured I was done with Drake for good, sadly.

And, then, a few months ago, a reveal video came out depicting Drake waking up in a jungle a bit worse for wear, as usual. The video is accompanied by a voice over conversation between Drake and his mentor/sidekick Sully. Drake is asking Sully to help him get “back in the game” because he has “no choice.” Check it out:

I showed it to my son and we were overjoyed!

And then, today, I spotted articles about the Playstation Experience convention in Las Vegas and how Sony showed 15 minutes of actual gameplay video of Uncharted 4 from a PS4. The audience was so jazzed by it, that everything that followed in the presentation paled in comparison. It was like going on stage after Led Zeppelin. It is absolutely gorgeous! The game play and combat are reminiscent of The Last of Us, also by Naughty Dog. And, just like the other 3 games in the series, Drake is still just as acrobatic and sarcastic as ever as he jumps, swings, shoots, and punches. It looks fantastic!

One problem: I don’t own a PS4. I’ve always said I won’t get a next-gen console until there’s a game I absolutely want that only appears on one. Neither Xbox One, Wii U, or the PS4 have had that game. But, come later in 2015, Nathan Drake will be back. And, Daddy’s going to need a PS4.

Honey, don’t blame me. It’s Drake’s fault!

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