One Bluetooth Keyboard To Rule Them All!

Now, this is something I want! Microsoft is putting out a fold up bluetooth keyboard not only compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices, but it has added functionality specifically for each operating system! According to, it will be called the Universal Mobile Keyboard and it includes:

Other nice touches for iOS users: Microsoft even includes a CMD key normally reserved for Mac/iOS keyboards in its proper location in addition to a dedicated home button for both Android and iOS. Not only that, but the keyboard is a Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod touch product, which means it also has Apple’s seal of approval.

Microsoft also claims it can get six months of usage on a single charge. It will ship in October and retail for $80.00.

With the plethora of iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 devices we have in our house, having just one keyboard I can throw in my scooter basket will be awesomeness personified!


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