On Things Not Done But Not Giving Up

So, have you ever had that sort of mental list of “things I’ll get around to” floating in the back of your brain? You know, things like cleaning the garage, writing the Great American Novel, or watching every episode of every Star Trek series in order? (I’m actually working on that last one. Finished all 4 seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise a few weeks ago.) Well, I have too many of those “things I’ll get around to” items… my collection of unread books scattered about the house attests to that. And, writing on this blog is another one. I just looked and my last post was last May in 2015!

What the heck? What have I been doing? Did I forget how to write? Am I dead?

No, not dead. No, still know how to write, although not terrible well. But, 2015 did turn out to be a busy year. Our oldest girl got married and we welcomed our first grandchild. So, 2015 turned into The Year of a Wedding and a Baby. We, also, made our annual trip to Gen Con and I still do the website for and help organize our local game convention, FlatCon. Add in work and “life” and this poor blog just sort of got forgotten.

But, I didn’t completely stop writing! Over the summer, my lovely bride challenged my geekling and I to play one, different game a day of the many neglected board, card, and other games we have at home. (Another group of “I’ll get around to” items.) We accepted the challenge and, mostly, succeeded. I decided to blog about THAT at http://asummerofgames.com/ where I listed every game we played in order. I, also, did little write-ups on the first 16 games or so and I always intended to write the rest. (Yeah, I know. There’s a theme here.) But, at least, I was still writing in the summer, but it started to feel like an obligation, a chore, that I had daily. When it becomes “work” I sort of mentally rebel and stop doing it. (Even the summer of playing a different game every day became a bit of a chore and I started to dread it a little.)

But, I’ve taken a break for a bit and recharged some. I’ve got some things on my mind and even if no one reads these entries, I’m still going to write them down. And, with no additional grand babies, weddings, or other big projects on the horizon, I’m hoping to write a bit more regularly…

Or it’ll be 6 months until the next entry. We’ll see!

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