Kid Gets Iron Man Prothstetic Hand: Excelsior!

If this story by way of Geeklogie and KHON Channel 2 News in Maui doesn’t make you smile or bring a little tear to your eye, you’re as heartless as the Mandarin (the “real one” not the goofy British actor guy).

A three year old boy called Bubba was born with an impairment that left him with only one hand. It is all he has ever known and he was well adjusted and thriving. But, as the story reports, he knew he was different and always wanted a second hand like most people have. His grandmother found an uber cool non-profit called E-Nabling which creates prosthesis using 3D printing. Traditional artificial hands can run into the thousands of dollars, but this particular hand cost only fifty dollars to manufacture and they charged the boy’s family not one penny!

And, did I mention, they made it to look like Iron Man’s hand? Check out the video:

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